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Register a cheap domain name and turn it into a Premium Name following simple SEO rules. Use up to 10 alpha characters (A to Z). No numbers and dashes. Use a name easy to spell and easy to remember. Try to register a dot com extension. Find great names using new domain extensions to improve your business branding.

What is an Expired Domain Name?

Expired domains are domain names that have been previously registered, sometimes many years ago, and its registration period has expired or is close to its expiraton and deletion and are available for purchase or registration by a new owner.

Where can you find and register (or buy) Expired Domains?

The vast majority of them can be found at Expired Domains Dot Net, a website where you can search and get important SEO information about this category of domain names. You can search domain names filtered by characters length, exclude domain extensions, exclude names that contain numbers or hyphens, select expiration or deletion date, availability of other domain extensions under the same name and some important information about their current page authority, SEO indicators such as Alexa ranking, number of backlinks, estimated traffic and valuation and more.

You can create your own username and set alarms to get first hand information on domains that add to the list. Every day thousands of domain names expire and are added to the list.

Deleted Domains or Dropped Domains are available for registration and can be picked up for just the normal registration fee at your preferred domain registrar. Some Expired domains are subject to an auction and you can bid for them.

There are many other important domain auction services available that you can use, but Expired Domains Dot Net is probably the best place to start searching for Expired domains.

According to many SEO experts, buying an Expired Domain and using it for your new website or blog may have many advantages for your SEO.

An Expired Domain (if it was previously used for a website and not just parked) may bring a history of SEO power such as: backlinks, domain or page authority, organic traffic and even Alexa Ranking. This "track record" could be of great help to accelerate the organic SEO positioning of your new website in search engines.

But many times and Expired Domain carries a history that can hurt your new website implementation

An Expired Domain may have been flagged for spamming. Or it was penalized for duplicated content, fake link building, insecure content or even worst.

The best approach before buying an Expired domain is to make sure that it is a "Curated Domain". A curated domain is a domain name whose history was checked and can give you a minimum warranty that you will not run into SEO troubles. Of course we are talking of a paid service, which will increase your acquisition cost. You can start by buying the Whois dot Domaintools dot Com report an learn about the registration history and hosting history of any given domain name. But if you need to go deeper into the Expired domain evaluation you may need to spend even more money and just buy a "Curated Domain" from auction companies that offer such domains.

At this point you make be asking yourself if is it worth investing in an Expired Domain for your website of blog project.

Let's say you find a 5/6 characters length expired domain on the dot com extension consisting of some alpha characters, numbers and one dash. Let´s say it has a reasonable amount of Majestic backlinks, Alexa ranking and a good estimated valuation.

Do you think that a domain name such as "abc-34 dot com" would be a good name for your new website or blog? Does this Expired Domain name tells your visitors who you are and what are you trying to accomplish? Probably not. (Note: there are many expired domains that contain numbers and dashes originally registered in Asian markets where some numbers have a special meaning for their audience)

If your goal is to get visibility and good traffic coming from organic searches, your best approach is to focus in quality content, an attractive and responsive website/blog design and a reasonable response time. The domain name to assign to your new project should be easy to spell and remember and for sure a dot com extension is the best choice. Using an Expired Domain as a shortcut to get mapped earlier on Google or Bing may be a serious mistake if it does not represents who you really are and what you try to accomplish.

Going back to the basics (first things first). Take some notes about your new online presence. Write down what are you trying to accomplish. Define your goals. Decide what is better for you: Want to implement an online store? Share stories or experiences? Help others? Going social? A local or international business? The define the best platform according to your technical skills. Is it going to be a blog or a website? Learn about the platform to implement your website (WordPress, Blogspot, a Website Builder tool, or you want to have it developed by someone else). Then write your site title in less than 80 characters. Is your personal name important or you are trying to build a brand? Take the main words of your title and write down a combination of short names (up to 10/12 characters with no numbers or dashes. Now you have a domain names wish list.

Now it is time to start searching for a domain name for your project. Keep in mind that once you go live it is going to be very difficult to change your name once you launched your site. The domain name of your choice will be your unique internet id.

Your first option is to search available domain names that are fresh and unregistered. Focus primarily on the availability of dot com extensions. Make sure your name is not too similar to established brands (if you have any doubts look into trademark registration websites to avoid future trademark infringements).

Make a short list of some available domain names and share it with friends or family, get their opinion but remember that the last choice is yours.

Now it's time to search the availability of similar expired domain names. Got one? Then it is up to you. If your research of the Expired Domain throws no red light, you may consider buying the Expired domain instead and get the possible SEO upsides.

Are you looking for premium domain names? Our Name Builder tool helps you find brandable cheap domains that will be a perfect fit for your website or blog. Create your own Premium Domain, find a name that reflects who you really are, what you stand for and what your business is all about.

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