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How to build brandable cheap domains?

Register a cheap domain name and turn it into a Premium Name following simple SEO rules. Use up to 10 alpha characters (A to Z). No numbers and dashes. Use a name easy to spell and easy to remember. Try to register a dot com extension. Find great names using new domain extensions to improve your business branding.

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Find a perfect domain name

  • Every idea must have a name first... Before going live with your Website or blog take special attention to the domain name that you plan to use and make sure that it will be easy to spell and easy to remember by your audience.
  • A domain name can have up to 253 alphanumeric characters (hyphens "-" are also accepted), but you don’t use a domain name longer than 12/15 characters to make your website search engines friendly.
  • A domain name should be good enough to "tell it all" about your business in just less than 15 characters. Use 50 up to 70 characters in your title and between 120 to 150 characters in your description meta tag.
  • Don't repeat words more tan twice in your website title and description. Use one singular and one plural of the same term.
  • Content is King: fresh and original content is rewarded by search engines, whilst duplicate content gets penalized. Search engines rely mostly on your website content to map your site, so you can wait till you get listed on search engines to see what shows up as a description of your website. Then you can include a description meta tag if you don't like what search engines are telling about your website.
  • Dot com domain name extensions should be your primary choice. As you probably know over one thousand new domain extensions are in the process of being launched during this year and 2018, but dot com's are still the internet kings and are still considered a safer option to launch a new website. If you are still interested in one of the new domain extensions (new GTLD's) avoid cyber squatting on someone else's traditional GTLD, this can bring you unexpected copyright issues.
  • Choosing and hand registering a brand new .com domain name shorter than 10/15 characters that really "tells it all" about your business can be a real challenge, but it's worth the effort. It's all about money: a new dot com has a yearly fee of around USD10 per year (list price). Instead if you opt yo buy a preregistered .com you should be prepared to make an investment of hundreds or thousands.
  • When searching for a new dot com, you can see suggestions of alternative names that use hyphens and/or numbers embedded within the domain name, and this may sound as a good choice. Always give priority to the “easy to remember” rule.
  • Use at least one word in your domain name that is directly related to your contents: i.e. if you are selling web hosting services, try to include the word "host" or "hosting" in the domain name of your choice. This is called an "exact match domain name", because your future customers looking for such a service will probably use one of these words as their search arguments. Make sure you are not using a copyrighted or trademarked word or part of a brand, even generic words may be copyrighted. Take a look into TESS (The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) and search for the term or word of your choice. If not trademarked or a request was rejected then you can use it.

New Domain Extensions (gTLDs) Tips

  • New domain extensions are now available to increase your web naming options.
  • With .COM nearing its 30th birthday, many of the best and most valuable domain names have already been registered. This has long been a frustration for business owners, forcing them to make up names for their businesses just to find an available domain name.
  • With the introduction of new gTLDs, you have a fresh chance to get the domain name you really want.
  • Because many of the new domain extensions are specific to particular industries, interests, or locations your web address can now tell people exactly what you do (or where you do it).
  • This makes the new domains easy to remember and you easier to find online.
  • Also the introduction of New Generic Top Level Domain Extensions is letting brand owners protect their brands on the web better than ever. Also it is possible to find a combination of your business name with your selected extension. You can register a shorter name that will make your business brand easier to remember.
  • In terms of indexation in major search engines such as Google®, Bing® Yahoo®, etc. your new domain name extension will be treated similarly as it does with the traditional extensions (.com, .net, .org, .biz, etc.). The quality of your content rules your organic positioning in searches regardless of the domain extension that you are using. When registering a new domain extension, just make sure you don't fall into any copyright infringement. Do not use a name that is already registered under other domain extension and is a registered trade mark.
  • Find creative ways of using the new domain extensions that relate to your business. Build a strong brand and gain more audience
  • Branding your business in the new internet era: One of the few things you will never get rid off is the registration of a domain name that will be your internet business card. With the introduction of the new domain extensions you can use creative combinations of a name plus an extension to get more visibility. Select one of our available new domain extensions and try combining your business name with the extension to build an unforgettable brand.