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What are new domain extensions?

New domain extensions provide registration options to the traditional extensions such as .COM, .BIZ, .NET, .INFO. and other country related suffixes. With the introduction of new gTLDs, you have a fresh chance to get the domain name you really want.

With the introduction of the new domain extensions you can use creative combinations of a name plus an extension to get more visibility. Select one of our available new domain extensions and try combining your business name with the extension to build an unforgettable brand.

Searching New Domain Extensions

New gTLDs can be more relevant as they define your business/profession. Improves digital footprints hence drive more relevant traffc to your site. Gives you more choices to find a name that is easy to remember

New options to get your dream name

Because .com domain extensions have been around for a while, it's possible that you might have missed out on your optimal domain. Now, though, you have the opportunity to capitalize on your dream name with a gTLD or ccTLD as more are available.

Expanding your brand

Don't forget that you can build sub categories under a parent brand. For example, if you flip homes for a living, you likely handle design, construction, sale and more. Acquiring domains with those endings and pointing them to specific sections of your website will help protect your brand.

Brand protection

If you miss out on brand protection now, it will cost more down the line to take back your identity than it does to register a domain name. If nothing else, it's virtual insurance.